With a focus on skin, hair, sun care and color cosmetics, Vantage Personal Care serves its customers with formulation troubleshooting, new product development, and alternative sourcing solutions and on being the fastest developer of new product concepts in sensorial textures, skin health & delivery systems, and natural oils.

Vantage Personal Care has an international manufacturing footprint including the world’s largest jojoba farms in the U.S. and Argentina and is supported by 10 laboratories around the world focused on delivering targeted regional support to our customers.

Our Solutions

  • #1 in Sulfate-Free Taurate Surfactants 

    For body and hair care

  • Jojoba Platform

    Vertically-integrated from From Our Farms to Your Formulations®

  • Custom and Made-to-Order

    Botanical extracts and ferments

  • Spark Innovation™ Platform

    Agile formulation platform to accelerate innovation and speed to market for indie brands and contract manufacturers

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Our Markets

Vantage Personal Care is part of the Company's Consumer Solutions division and represents approximately 40% of Vantage sales.

  • Skin Care

    • Skin care formulations need to bring together biological efficacy and sensorial excitement. Vantage’s solutions for skin care include high performance active ingredients with substantiated activity for cosmetic claims and enhanced delivery for acne treatment. Our encapsulation technologies empower brands with emotion-rich ingredients that combine activity and visual stimulation.
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  • Hair Care

    • Our hair is fully exposed to the external world and has little ability to protect itself. In contrast to skin, there are few if any endogenous repair processes occurring in the hair shaft or on the surface and thus it is crucial to provide efficient care to maintain its healthy appearance. Vantage offers a broad portfolio of ingredients that help condition, replenish and enhance the aesthetics of the hair and the scalp.
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  • Cosmetics

    • Vantage offers a myriad of ingredients to achieve high performance and supreme aesthetics in color formulations: robust and pigment-compatible emulsifying systems, natural silicone alternatives, sensory powders for improved skin feel and immediate visual effect, pigment binders and film-formers for bold color impact.
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  • Sun Care

    • Vantage provides ingredients that help improve skin feel, relieve symptoms of damaged skin, provide water-resistance, or improve solubility of traditional sunscreens. Vantage also offers a comprehensive range of mineral sun filters and dispersions.
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  • Bath and Shower

    • Vantage’s range of ingredients for bath and shower includes primary and co-surfactants, solubilizers, sulfate-free surfactants. These functional ingredients can be combined with sensorial ingredients like encapsulated beads or specialty emollients and humectants in order to enhance the visual and sensorial impact of your formulations. Our products allow for bar soap producers throughout the United States to produce a soap bar that the marketplace has known to love. Vantage products help aid in the texture of the bar soap along with providing a foamy, and stable lather that last through the bathing experience.
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Our History

Established in 2010 with the acquisition of Lipo Chemicals, our Vantage Personal Care business has grown rapidly with the acquisition of our Arizona Jojoba farm and production in 2012; Curoxyl™ and Curcylic™ clear skin solutions in 2015; a majority share in Agrinsa, one of the world's largest jojoba farms located in Argentina in 2015; Resources of Nature specialty products in 2016; the Leuna manufacturing facility in Germany in 2018; Spanish natural oils company, Textron Plimon, in 2019; and most recently JEEN International and BotanicalsPlus, Inc in 2022.

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