Minimizing our environmental impact, maintaining strong corporate governance and engaging with the communities in which we live and
work are important aspects of our responsibilities as a good corporate citizen.

Our commitment to natural chemistry is foundational to our Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) performance and to delivering long-term superior results, resilience and continuous improvement.

We are investing in a long-term, 全面而雄心勃勃的可持续发展之旅,将ESG更紧密地整合到我们的全球业务战略和决策中,并将为我们应对气候变化、多元化和包容性等关键ESG挑战制定行动路径.

Building on our foundation of natural chemistry and bio-based feedstocks, Vantage提供广泛的解决方案组合,在人类健康领域具有强大的性能 & wellbeing, 安全和环境,与客户建立紧密的合作伙伴关系,以实现其世界杯竞猜网的可持续发展绩效. 

Today, Vantage大约三分之二的总销售额来自基于自然化学的世界杯竞猜网.


ESG Framework

At Vantage, 为了员工的利益,我们希望提高我们所能达到的目标, customers, communities in which we operate, and indeed the planet.  

In 2022, 我们挑战自己,加快我们的ESG计划和重点,并建立了一个新的, 全面和以行动为导向的ESG框架,进一步推进我们的可持续发展目标. 我们目前正在验证基线数据,包括全面的温室气体排放清单和可持续原料风险评估, and once this is complete, we will set transparent goals for continuous improvement and growth.

Our Priorities

  • Resilient Supply

    • 在我们的供应链和世界杯竞猜网设计中建立2022世界杯买球正规平台,以提供客户可以信赖的一流解决方案.
  • Responsible Operations

    • 建立透明的评估和行动系统,以了解我们的业务对环境的影响,以及如何逐步减轻这些影响.
  • Reliable Partner

    • 制定可信和透明的计划,确保我们的Vantage社区和客户了解我们所做的好事的影响.


天然和认证材料提供2022世界杯买球正规平台优势,以满足客户需求, and product attributes like organic, fair trade, vegan, kosher, and ethical sourcing are most meaningfully proven by certification.

Vantage的世界杯竞猜网组合包含广泛的范围和高比例的认证世界杯竞猜网. 此外,天然世界杯竞猜网占Vantage总销售额的三分之二以上, 我们的世界杯竞猜网组合覆盖了高要求的行业认证,证明了可持续发展的性能.

*Based on ISO 16128 definition of "Natural" (>70% of components naturally derived.  66.5% of 2022 Global Sales can be defined as "Natural"

“我们积极强调支持我们以消费者为中心的市场的认证,并加强我们对可持续发展的承诺, transparency in the supply chain and product quality excellence.”
Steve Doktycz, Chief Executive Officer

Best Practice Standards, Accountability and Reporting

Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil - RSPO

Action for Sustainable Derivatives - ASD

Global Shea Alliance - GSA


Fair for Life

Global Manufacturing Practice - GMP

ISO 14001


Beyond Vantage: Engaging in our Communities

As a responsible corporate citizen, Vantage积极支持我们生活和经营所在社区的人们的生活. Around the world, we participate across our extended communities through volunteerism, 与致力于满足关键社区需求的组织进行赞助和合作.

  • Techo in Latin America

    • 墨西哥和哥伦比亚的Vantage员工自愿帮助TECHO为有需要的人建造房屋, 这是拉丁美洲由青年领导的非营利组织,旨在通过社区发展来克服贫困, social awareness and action and political advocacy.
  • Leadership Engagement

    • Vantage领导团队花了一个下午在圣安东尼奥食品银行称重, 这些食物将被分发给圣安东尼奥和德克萨斯州西南部29个县的“抗击饥饿和喂养希望”组织.
  • Artisanal Soaps in Spain

    • Every year, our Natural Oils team in Spain donates product such as shea and mango butter, beeswax and palm oil to a local covent. 圣克拉拉修道院的修女们使用我们的世界杯竞猜网制作手工肥皂,并将其出售,为修道院及其在当地社区的工作筹集资金.
  • Supporting Local Communities

    • Each December, 我们芝加哥的员工与救世军的天使树项目合作,为孩子们捐赠他们想要的圣诞礼物, senior adults and families across our local community.
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